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Services for the public:

IDA Certified Detailers

IDA offers a certification program that affirms an experienced detailer's knowledge. To locate a certified detailer for services please use the IDA Certifed Detailers Directory.

IDA Detail Operators

IDA members agree to operate under a Code of Ethics and a member near you can be found using our online directory. 

Services for detailers:

IDA Recognized Trainers

IDA Recognized Training Centers

IDA Institutional Members

IDA institutional members are accredited schools or institutions that offer professional detailing/automotive restoration courses to the public and are not company sponsored.

IDA Supplier Members

IDA supplier members offer a variety of services for detail operators. 

IDA Founders' Club Members

IDA Founders Club members are our most active and longest tenured members. The group is comprised of only 16 Suppliers and Operators that each contribute toward the Founder's Endowment Fund.